JSC «West»

Veterinary medicine and zootechnics

"West" Ltd. is one of the largest companies in the Republic of Belarus, which employs about 100 highly qualified professionals.

20-year experience in the livestock industry, the continuous market research, the ability to respond quickly to changes in agriculture allows us to offer our customers advanced technologies and a wide range of veterinarian products, feed additives and zootechnical tools for all types of livestock, poultry and fish .

One of the activities of the "West" company is "Veterinary and animal science."

The main principle of our company is to deliver products of high quality, to provide reliable partnership, effective and mutually beneficial transactions, individual approach to our customers, prompt service, the delivery of veterinary products from leading European manufacturers.

Our company is an exclusive distributor of a number of companies, such as "Kharkov Transport Equipment Plant " (Ukraine) - a producer cryobiological Dewar vessels; “AWP srl” (Italy) – a manufacturer of feed and feed additives based on ozone technologies and essential oils; “ABIK Septa”, (Israel) - vaccines for poultry; “Phibro” (USA) - veterinary medicine "Stafak»; “Destron Fearing” (Poland) - tags for animals; “Puls Fog”(Germany) – foggers; "MIP Tumbotino" (Russia) - the manufacturer of surgical instruments; “Troge”(Germany) - sutures, gloves, syringes, etc.

Together with A.W.P. srl (Italy) a joint Belorussian-Italian venture was established to produce feed additives based on innovative ozone technologies to implement both in the Republic of Belarus as well as in the countries of the Customs Union.

We have a lot to offer to both large agricultural enterprises engaged in animal husbandry and poultry farmers as well as owners of private holdings. Keeping on high quality standards together with professionalism and mutual co-operation, we seek to become a key partner for veterinarians, farmers and other livestock workers.

Our experts will give a competent advice on feeding and care of cattle, breeding stock to any customer, promptly providing the necessary veterinarian and zootechnical products. They also have enough facilities to organize seminars and presentations in any place in Belarus.

Guaranteed quality, a wide range of products as well as high level service help to establish a long-term partnership with each customer who is interested in raising the veterinary and zootechnical business and prosperity of the agricultural industry.